…is PC implementation of Carcassonne board game.


Download latest relase: JCloisterZone 5.12.1

Requires also Java 11 or higher to be installed on your computer.

Downloads for other platforms or older releases can be found at GitHub release page.

Win (and Mac) note. Installer isn't signed with certificate, for app install you need to explicitly confirm run (expand on "More Info" in warning dialog)

Legacy Java app

You may want to download old legacy client although the new client provides better user interface, more expansions and rules options. Mainly if you want to play against computer which is not supported by a new client at the moment.

JCloisterZone 4.6.1
No installation needed for leagacy app. Unpack archive and double click on file JCloisterZone.jar to run (on Mac right click and "Open with" is needed).

JCloisterZone supports multiplayer game on a local computer or over a network. Game can be also played against computer AI (legacy client only now).

Game contains many expansions, including the small ones, distributed during game expos or in a game magazines.


How to setup network game?

Create a new game and connect in color selection stage. Every game accepts remote connections. Your machine must be visible to client (check you have public IP or enabled port forwarding on your home router)

I don't know some expansion. Where can rules be found?

WikiCarpedia is all what you need.

Where to find fans to play with?

Check Carcassonne Central discussions to find players, play league or just to give JCloisterZone feedback.

I found bug. How to report it?

Sorry for that. Preferred way is creating issue on project GitHub pages. Alternatively send me an email. Attaching saved game and error.log (if created) may be helpful.

How to contribute?

I am glad for any help — suggestions, localizations, design or programming contributions, beta testing or donations are welcomed. Just contact me.